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How To Submit Community News

We welcome news submissions of interest to Kauai’s Jewish Community. Following are our submissions guidelines:

1. Look at other news on our website for examples of how to create and format content.

2. Submit your news as a Microsoft Word document.

Your news should be contained in a Word document sent via email to a board member or to We cannot accept content in other formats including PDF, JPG or other file formats.

2. Title.

Please include a short (three to eight word) descriptive title which will catch the readers’ attention.

3. Body of news.

This should be publication ready – not draft notes. Please submit complete with all formatting including bullets, underscore, bold, etc.

4. Attach a photo.

Website news should contain a digital photo to be used. Attached an image file to your email using either JPG or PNG format.

5. Proposed publication date.

Please indicate on what date you would like your news to be run.

6. Submissions are subject to Board approval.