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“New Jews” Keep Faith Relevant and Accessible

2009 November 5
by Jeff

lightbulbEmergent General X and Y (post Baby Boomer) Jews are reconnecting with their faith through unconventional means. They are donning tattoos, playing hip-hop music and authoring interesting new websites.  They are rabbis, religious educators, and others knowledgeable about Judaism, who aren’t interested in fitting into prior molds and terms like Reform, Conservative or Orthodox.

I read an interesting article on CNN (for iPhone) last weekend entitled “New Jews stake claim to faith, culture.” As someone who has had a hard time relating to Judaism and thus has been in a secular, cultural relationship therewith, this fascinating input revitalizes my interest in my ancestors’ religion. I subscribed to a number of these sites, which I think you may also enjoy. My fun favorite is the first one below,, with its Torah Parsha cartoons and music.

Additional resources to check out:

  •  The Torah portion in 4 minutes with different narrators each week.  Cartoons, hip hop, musicals, and spoken word. Follow on Twitter, Fan on Facebook, or Subscribe in Google/RSS.
  •  “Political arm of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement.”  Follow on Twitter, Fan on Facebook or Subscribe in Google/RSS.
  • Innovative Jewish music, community, and cross-cultural dialogue. Follow on Twitter or Subscribe in Google/RSS.
  • Heeb magazine.  Brooklyn’s Heeb magazine is a “take-no-prisoners zine for the plugged-in and preached-out. Covering arts, culture and politics, Heeb has become a multi-media magnet to the young, urban and influential”.  Follow on Twitter, Fan on Facebook or Subscribe in Google/RSS.
  • Jewish Jumpstart.  A thinkubator for sustainable jewish innovation. Follow on Twitter, Fan on Facebook or Subscribe in email.
  • Jewish Ecosystem.  Resources for the emergence of a new Jewish landscape.  Subscribe in email.
  • Limmud.  “Jewish learning without limits.”  A network of conferences/festivals/gatherings of Jews from all walks of life, backgrounds, lifestyles, and ages.  Lummud has been in existence for 27 years and has many conferences.  Follow on Twitter or Subscribe in email/RSS.
  • E-Jewish Philanthropy.  An on-line publisher and a facilitator of resource mobilization serving the Jewish communal world since 2007. Subscribe in email/Google/RSS.
  • Here’s a Twitter list of emergent Jewish resources.  Follow on Twitter.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.  Click here to add your comment.

Jeff Tucker is a board member of the Jewish Community of Kauai, and co-creator of this new website.  Look for further posts on how to use these new technologies, like Facebook, Twitter, and RSS.

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